The Journey Begins with Bossa

Here we are, writing our first post together!

We’re going to start locally, with a new Italian place that just opened up a stone’s throw away from our home, Bossa.

Bossa is a small and cozy, quaint little shop that’s just packed with both imported and house-made Italian ingredients, sauces, and decor.

They also have a wonderful little lunch counter that served espresso, hot meals, and freshly made-to-order Italian sandwiches. On the side, there’s a small area with stools and a bench where customers can sit and eat.

A good variety of meals and sandwiches (good luck choosing! :P )
Sandwiches and meals galore!

We had a meal consisting of their gnocchi and their sandwiches. The gnocchi was decent, but WE. LOVED. THE. SANDWICHES.

Let us tell you why.

We tried their meatball sandwich and their chicken cutlet sandwich, and were very much blown away by them both. The bread was freshly made, and was an excellent example of bread that has crispy crust and a soft center – all while being neither too thick nor too thin.

The toppings – cheese, peppers, and most importantly, pickled eggplant – were plentiful and flavorful. In both cases, the toppings complemented the meat very well. And then, we got to the meat (both metaphorically and literally), and found them both to be just great.

The meatballs were a three-meat concoction, and each meatball was nice and plump and big, and smothered in a nice zesty tomato sauce. Each bite of meatball was satisfyingly thick.

By contrast, the chicken cutlets were thin and tender and moist. The breading of the chicken was also subtly thin – it’s not southern fried chicken, but then again, it’s not supposed to be. While both sandwiches were great, the chicken sandwich was our favourite. For me personally [Henry], it was hard to slow down my eating to savor it all.

I dare you to try eating this slowly. I say it can't be done!

After eating, we had a pleasant chat with staff. They were friendly and warm, and talked briefly about their roots in Italy. We walked away with some nice tips about where to visit when we take our next trip to Italy. We’re pretty sure we’ll be making use of those tips :).

So, what’s our nutshell? It’s a great little Italian place in the middle of Wellington Street that’s fantastic for quick meals and Italian groceries. We’ll be going back – hope to see you there!

Yes, we're coming back
Henry’s takeout from Bossa

How to find Bossa
Address: 4354 Wellington St, Verdun, QC H4G 1W4
Phone: (438) 387-1211

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