Valencia Part 5: Night Life


We knew Valencia was a beautiful city before coming here. The beach, the old town, the parks, the weather… All sounded great! What we did not know is that the night life is out of this world! The expression New York never sleeps has to be debunked, cause we have news for you: Valencia is crazy at night too. And not just for adults. Children are playing, teenagers are partying, adults are at bars, and seniors are walking the streets. It’s madness! The fun kind of madness.

Disco bars, tapas bars, night clubs, pubs, shows, threats, concerts… You name it! They have it all. For a city of less than 800K people, this was quite impressive!

Let’s start with the City of Arts and Science at the end of the Turia river. What a beautiful and gigantic structure! You walk along an infinite stretch of modern architecture: from a science museum, to an opera centre; from a planetarium to a fancy restaurant; from an agora to an aquarium… This place is not only charming but full of activities. Plenty to do until at least 2 am in the morning.

Hemisfèric: an IMAX cinema, laserium, and planetarium
Palau De Les Artes: Opera house and performing art center
El Museu de les Ciències: An interactive science museum shaped in the skeleton of a whale
L’Umbracle: Gigantic garden built over a parking lot (plants indigenous to Valencia)
L’Oceanogràphic: The largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe


If you prefer old architecture, no problem. A quick ride to the old town will allow you to be mesmerized by 1000 to 2000-years-old streets and buildings. From the Seranos towers, to Plaza Redonda; from the central market to Ayutamiento; from Estación del Norte to Plaza de Toros; and from the Cathedral to plaza de la Virgen, there is plenty to see and enjoy; and it stays lively until 4am.

Plaza de Toros: Bullring built between 1850 and 1859
Estación del Norte: The main railway station in Valencia
Plaza de Santa Ursula
Torres de Quart (built in the 14th century)
Monument at night
Plaza de la Reina


Perhaps you are more into the party scene? Well, Valencia has your covered on that front too. Bars, restaurants, concerts, pubs, festivals, night clubs, and the sort take place at night as well because it’s too hot during the day. That means, after your siesta you have over 10 hours of fun evening awaiting. Everything is open until about 6am.

Casa Montana: Resto-bar
Drink till there is no tomorrow
A refreshing beer when you’re hot, at Plaza de la Reina
La Sénia: Tapas Bar
Live concert at Plaza de l’Ajuntamento
Stroll in the busy streets of the old city
A drink at Palau Alameda resto-bar


Oh, and did we mention the food at all these resto-bars? Ohhh tapas glory! See for yourself:


All in all, we enjoyed the nightlife of Valencia. There was so much to do and to see. Plus, everything was open till 6am, much longer than what we’re used to in Canada/USA. And, the temperature was ideal, people were nice, the food was exquisite, the alcohol was of high quality, and pretty much everything we saw was mesmerizing. What else can we ask for?



This concludes our posts on the beautiful city of Valencia. We hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures there with our posts on the Turia gardens, the two main universities of the city, the beach, the old town, and of course this last one about Valencia’s nightlife. We sure hope that you will take a trip there too. Please tag us if you do and feel free to comment below with more recommendations or your thoughts on this beautiful city.

Thank you Valencia, Spain, Europe, World!



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