On the road again!

Well everyone, we ended up taking an even longer than expected blog hiatus after declaring we were back. Whoops!

Well, we’re really really back this time. And how is this different from the last time? Well, for one, we’re going on a real trip after two long years of being shut in: we’re headed back to Ethiopia!

And we have luuuuuuugggggaaaage!

This is a GREAT workout.

It’s our first big, real trip in two years and our first trip as a family of three!

The traveling trio

Our boy is super, super excited about this and has been running up and down the airport. It’s a beautiful sight! We’re about to board now, and he’s just in awe 😊.

The adventurer’s journey of 10,000 miles starts with a single step. Er. Plane. Yes. Let’s go with “plane”.

And with that, we’re boarding! See you all very soon!

ps: I wasn’t kidding about the workout. Look at my active minutes and steps walked – pretty much all at the airport!

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