Momo to the Rescue


Do you looooove sushi but are vegetarian? Or maybe allergic to seafood? Or perhaps you’re pregnant? Or maybe you just don’t feel like raw fish today? Whatever your reason is, we have the PERFECT place for you, and it’s called Sushi Momo.

We are crazy about sushi, so much so that we could eat it everyday without being tired of it; not even a little. BUT, we are also aware of mercury poisoning. So what’s the best way to have sushi regularly without risking being sick? MOMO. But not all vegetarian or vegan sushis are created equal. Or at least that’s what we found out once we started going to Momo Sushi. Their food is just out of this world. It shames any attempt of vegan/veggie sushi elsewhere. Actually, once you go there, you might not miss sushi with fish that much anymore. In a way, it made us realize (for ourselves, at least) that raw fish in just an accessory to good sushi, the secret is in the sauces… Apparently.

We know some of you are probably skeptical right now. So were we, until when we discovered this gem 3 years ago. It was recommended by our cousin who looooves fish and meat. And if this guy is sending us to a vegan sushi place, it must be good. And oh, was it good!😋

See these images for yourself.

Does this look even remotely bad to you? Didn’t think so!
What about this?

Let’s start by talking about the ambiance at Sushi Momo. As soon as you enter you are welcomed with a smile from one of the staff members who will happily show you where your table is (warning: Reserve before going). As you walk to your table, you will encounter different Japanese art pieces that give a sense of having travelled to Tokyo (Am I still in Montreal?). When you finally get to your table, they serve you water (and any other drink you want) as well as a bowl of edamame.  And then, you’re going through the constantly updated menu.


Overall, you are in a cozy atmosphere with small tables, comfortable chairs, quick cheery service, and soft lighting. Perfect for a romantic dinner or a hangout with friends (depending on where you are sitting).

Now, the food. Ahhhh, the food. What the chef has created here is simply amazing. The taste of pretty much everything you eat is unique in its own genre. Meaning, you get surprised by every bite. And although this is a sushi place, there are other options too (salads, soups, appetizers, ice-cream, and cakes, for example). So there is definitely something for everyone.

When we went last weekend, we ordered everything that was new on the menu. We’ve tried everything else (yes, we’re addicts). So this time we had the Sushi Taco, the ‘Nuage’, the Sakura, the 911,  the Green Machine, and the Spider. They were all delicious, innovative, and fresh. But we want to talk to you about our top three:

Sushi Love

The Taco

This is actually an appetizer that is quite appetizing (well, duh! 😛 ). Its ingredients? Rice, mushrooms, maitake, chipotle, picked onion, and avocado, all stuffed in a fried nori shell. There is also a hint of chipotle and leafy greens on top. We loved it! Crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside; then, warm on the outside and cold on the inside. Basically, a delicious chain of contrasts from bite to bite.


This is a futomaki with sweet tofu, himeji tempura, avocado, pickled eggplant, dried kombu (that looks like algae), and wasabi emulsion. This is another favourite for us. When you first bite into it, your brain is a bit confused. You know it’s good, but you don’t understand why yet… And you definitely can’t tell where the favour comes from. Second bite: things are starting to make more sense now. You can taste a hint of sweetness as well as a touch of sumptuous and tangy flavour – all accompanied by a nice spicy kick towards the end. Just delightful!


Last, but definitely not least, is the Nuage (French for “cloud”). One thing’s for sure: it makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud when you eat it. This is a gunkan sushi (aka, basic), but don’t be fooled by the word ‘basic’; there is nothing basic about the flavour of Nuage. It’s fresh, sweet, crunchy, and just simply mouthwatering. What is in it, you ask? Well, fried avocados (do you notice a pattern here? Maaaaaaybe we’re also addicted to avocados), maki, artichoke, and fukujinzuke (Japanese veggie relish). We’re guessing that there must be more secret ingredients in the sauce because we’re not sure how it can taste so heavenly with such basic components.

And that’s our thoughts on Sushi Momo, a favourite spot for some good, good, good sushi.

Where to find Sushi Momo 
Address: 3609, rue St-Denis, Montreal, QQ, H2X 3L6
Phone: (514) 825-6363

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