Choice Chocolates and Cool Confections

Let’s face it: One of the best ways to capture our attention is to present us with a luscious-looking dessert place. So, when we slowly sauntered up and down Church Street, the many rows of huge candied apples in Lake Champlain Chocolates‘ window display drew us in like moths to a flame (fortunately, there was no subsequent burning 😛 ).

How I wish my front window display would look
How much temptation can YOU pack into your display?

When we first walked in, we noticed that the big candied apples were just the beginning of a full haven for lovers of chocolate, confectionery, and ice cream. The store had a simple rectangular layout that was simultaneously spacious and positively packed with chocolate and fudge and other delights. They pulled off quite the magic trick!

As you can see, the candied apples were accompanied by all manner of fudge and dipped marshmallows on sticks. Further down, there was a sea of baked goods and chocolate goodies, followed by a field of truffles.

A good selection of house-made ice cream was at the other end of the store. The friendly staff let us sample a fair number of flavours. And we were definitely grateful for it – everything we tried was good, but two particular ones really jumped out. And so, we settled on two: Coffee ice cream made into a milkshake for Henry, and a scoop of chocolate almond in a cone for Mariam.


Let us tell you why:

The coffee ice cream was one of the best coffee ice creams Henry has had. The coffee essence was strong, and the coffee aroma was unmistakably premium. It was sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. When they made a milkshake out of it, they added whole milk and their own house made chocolate syrup – all of which made the milkshake rich and creamy. The combination of chocolate syrup and coffee ice cream made it taste like the Platonic ideal of an iced caffé mocha, and Henry dearly hopes to have more soon.

Waffle cone diversity
What’s not to love?

Meanwhile, the chocolate almond ice cream was simply exquisite. It was a rich, rich delight, and the almonds strongly asserted their presence. The cone was simple, but still memorable. It had just the right amount of crunch, and despite being a plain cone, it had actual flavour. It was obvious that there was craft and care in how it was made.

On the final wall of the shop were shelves and shelves of boxed and bagged chocolates and other confections, all suitable for gift-giving (or self-gifting) (did we just invent a word?).


If you’re a local or a tourist looking for that chocolatey gift for friends or family (or yourself 😛 ), this place has plenty to charm and tempt your intended recipient.

And on a final note, we found this very endearing:

Chocolate as business as force for good - YES

Most chocolate places we go to emphasize the chocolate. And while this place certainly did that (just look at our pictures!), it was pretty great that there was such a positive sentiment as well. We’re definitely  going back the next time we visit Burlington!

How to find Lake Champlain Chocolates
Address: 65 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401, USA
Phone: 1-800-465-5909

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