Trevor Noah said “If there is one thing you will never waste your money on, it’s traveling”. We firmly believe that this is true. When we travel, we find that we learn more in a week than we would in a month at school or reading a book: new culture, new language, new cuisine, new experience, and different points of you. All our fives senses are alert, ALL THE TIME. And the more different the place we visit, the more humbling the experience (especially, when we don’t speak the language). Traveling is definitely a hobby we love.

Now, we understand that not everyone has the time, the means, or even the interest to travel. This is partially why we created this blog. So that our readers can pick and choose what they prefer or what works for them. Some of the trips we talk about cost $3000 others cost $30. Some are very close to home (Montreal), and others are long plane rides away. Some are cultural travels, others are sport related; some are food related, and others are simply ‘I-want-to-take-a-break-and-do-nothing’ type.

We hope that the variety of these posts will allow you to explore the places that seem interesting to you. Of course we would be happy to get your feedback or advice on sites to visit, hotels to avoid, best paths to take on a hike, etc. The more we know, the more we’re prepared, and the more we can tailor our posts to your needs.



Please note that all the pictures you will see in this section of the blog are taken by ourselves, and so we ask that you respect copyright. You may simply send us a message to ask permission to use our photo, or you can mention our blog (share) when you post the images for your use.

Happy traveling!

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