What is an event?

To us, that could include theatre, festivals, concerts, and more. You name it. Seriously, go on, we’re waiting… Come on… Alright, we’ll name more for you: Symphonies, art shows, opera, hikes, roller coasters, sky diving, sailing, snorkeling, sports events, and so forth.

Posts on these will be the type of writing you will find in this section.

Here, we share our thoughts on the different events we have attended and activities in which we have participated. Of course, we will also share our experiences of the crazy adventures we have taken. Some events are cultural, others are related to music and entertainment, and still others will be exercise-/sports-related. We hope you find something in these posts that tickles your fancy or, better yet, inspires you to get out of the house or city or even country and explore.


In case you did not realize by now, we are big on trying new things and so would be more than happy to hear your suggestions on what to do around town or anywhere else, really. We are game! In fact, if you are afraid to try something too crazy, just let us be your guinea pigs. We’ll try it and review it for you (budget permitting, of course).

As already stated in different pages of our blog, we ask that you please respect our images/photos. If you would like to use them, please ask our permission first and link your post to the pages you found the photos.


Happy adventuring!

Here are all the posts you will find related to events/activities in this blog (the most recent posts appear on the top):