COVID-19 Cooking Times 1: A Quick Cabbage Roll Recipe

So, like most of the planet, going to restaurants is something we had to stop doing regularly (well, altogether, really). We’ve spent a lot more time cooking, baking, and looking for recipes that approximate that wonderful restaurant flavour.

Obviously, that doesn’t happen often…

But when it does, and it’s somehow easy, well, we want to make sure others get a chance at doing it! And thus, here is one of our favourites in our #pandemiccooking : Cabbage rolls. Simple but delicious 😋.

Here are the steps to follow.
Step 1: Put cabbage in warm water (what’s warm? Basically, if the water doesn’t burn your skin, but feels close to being hot to the touch, you’ve got about the right temperature).
Step 2: Let cabbage open up.
Step 3: Marinate your ground beef with garlic, parsley, pepper, and paprika (you can replace the beef with ground tofu or ground cauliflower). Mix that together with white rice.
Step 4: Fill the cabbage with the mixture from Step 3.
Step 5: Roll the cabbage and place in an oven-safe container that’s been lightly greased with olive oil.
Step 6: Pour your favorite tomato sauce on the rolls
Step 7: Roast for 30 minutes on 400F.
Step 8: Take it out and DEVOUR.

Step 1: Put cabbage leaves in warm water to open them up
Step 2: Leaves opened up, ready for stuffing.
Cabbage stuffing: Ground beef, rice, and spices and everything nice
Step 3: Mix and marinade ground beef (or tofu) with garlic, parsley, pepper, and paprika. Then add rice.
Step 4 and 5: Roll the mixture inside the cabbage leaves and put them in an roasting pan.
Steps 6 and 7: Pour your favorite tomato sauce on the rolls. Put in oven at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes.

Let us know what you think if you try this recipe! And if you have your own twist on it, we’d love to hear it!

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