Our 3 Heavenly Spots in Maui

There comes a time in life when you just have to say STOP. Right? A time when you feel like you have given everything you can at work or for your family/friends… A time for you to take a break… A real break. One where you get to forget the worries of the world and instead be mesmerized by the wonders of the world. Enter: Maui! 

Maui, the valley isle, is by far one of the most exceptional islands in the world when it comes to landscapes. It’s so beautiful that it hurts sometimes. From the clear water of the ocean to the many captivating waterfalls; from the long chain valleys to the huge national parks; and from the amazing snorkelling experiences to the cocktail cruises… you will be dazzled. If you have never been, we highly highly highly recommend. If you have, then you know what we mean, so we beg you to please share your experience with us in the comments (we never get tired of hearing about Maui). 

We are making a top 3 list of the joys of Maui, but bear in mind that for this place we could easily make a top 100. Such a small place yet so much to see. But we figured better to start small since there are many other islands to visit in Hawai’i, and you may not have time to do all 100. Besides, within our top 3, there are sub-categories. Meaning, for each spot we describe below, there is at least 20 things you can do. So, here we go:

3. The Road to Hana

An absolute delight! It’s a scenic and windy road (if you tend to have motion sickness you definitely need your medicine) that boasts some of the most beautiful sites of the island. You get to be captivated for about 100 km straight. But, it’s not just a road – it’s a destination all its own. If you do it right, it will take you all day to drive it. You will want to stop every now and then to take photos, to take a stroll in the forest, to visit a monument, to discover new birds, to learn about the history and legends, to have a picnic at a park, to jump in one of the many waterfalls, and so much more. So before you go, you want to map out where you will want to stop. And if you feel like not deciding and doing any planning (because you are here to just relax), then you can always book a tour and let them do the work for you. Here is one that has very good ratings. And here is another one that is quite popular as well. 

2: The Garden of Eden

Somewhere along the road to Hana, you will come across a garden. You MUST not miss it. This is not your usual garden with just nice flowers and grass… This is a natural wonderland  where you probably gain 1 year back in life by staying there for a whole day (this is obviously not based on any science; just our impression). Honestly though, It’s the most relaxed you will feel, while watching  spectacular sceneries.  We recommend  having your lunch break there (maybe a picnic?) and perhaps spend the afternoon strolling around. The site is open from 8am to 4pm, so make sure to plan accordingly.

What can you find there you ask? Ohhh… Everything you’d find in paradise – trees 🌴, flowers 🌼 , tropical plants 🌾 , mountainous view ⛰, waterfalls ⛲️, lakes 🛶, the view of the ocean 🌊 (and if you go in the winter months you will see humpback whales 🐳), a rainbow overlook 🌈, an enchanted forest 🌳, a view of valleys 🌋, creeks 🚣, birds 🐦, orchards 🎋, and our favourite: a 100-year-old mango tree ☺️. Yes, you read correctly: all this is in ONE place. It was not an exaggeration when we said it was heavenly. 

1. Haleakalā Crater

Ever wonder what it would be like to sit above the clouds and see a sunrise? Wonder no more. In Maui, this is possible. You don’t have to take a plane or a helicopter. You just have to drive up a mountain (well, a crater), then walk up to the tip, and here: 10,000 feet above sea level. 

Sitting here, waiting and watching the first embers of dawn pierce the veil of night is a singular experience. Pinpricks of brilliance become ever larger illuminating shafts of light that cut through both cloud and darkness. Soon, the sky transforms into a dazzling tableau of oranges and sandy browns and purples and a host of other colours. All while the sun rises majestically over the horizon, and crowns itself in the center of the sky.

And when it’s finally and fully daytime, that’s when you fully appreciate that you’re sitting above many clouds and peering over the glory of creation.

If that sounded spiritual, it’s because the experience is uplifting beyond words. We’re not sure that any other place on earth will make you feel this way, and we can’t recommend it enough. So get on going! 

Still not convinced? Okay, how about a short video from Hawai’i Tourism (hint: it’s much better with your own eyes): 

Thank you Maui, Hawaii, USA, America, Earth!

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