Running 60km for Movember

This year, Henry participated in Movember! For those not in the know, Movember is both a foundation and a fund-raising event intended to increase awareness and treatment for health issues that primarily or exclusively impact men: testicular cancer, prostate cancer, suicide, and mental illness. And the way that the event usually raises money to fight these issues is by having people sign up to grow mustaches during the month of November. It leads to some funny-looking guys, to be sure 🙂 .

Now, there’s just one hitch: Henry can’t grow facial hair to save his life.  At best, he grows puny cat whiskers.

[Mariam: It’s true. We tested it once, and I can confirm that Henry’s facial hair is, uh… minimal… 😛 ]

[Henry: Sigh. The only mustaches I’ve ever had have been costume props…].

[Mariam: So, how did Henry participate? Well, he ran! Move for Movember was an alternate way to participate, where people ran or walked 60km in November. Since Henry already loves running (he really, really loves running too much),  this was the perfect way for him to raise money. 

[Henry: I usually ran in Verdun or LaSalle. 

Sample of one of my runs in Verdun, along the water

It was fun to run in the brisk fall weather. Well, except when it got rainy or snowy, but hey, them’s the breaks! Unfortunately, that meant that I often could not tape video or take pictures of my runs, but where I could, well, here they are:

Running in Verdun:

Running in the park

Running in downtown Toronto, right up to the CN Tower!

I devoted enough of my workout time every week to be able to run 15km for Movember (I didn’t count my short sprints during HIIT training for the tally), and the source of that devotion – raising awareness and funds for a good cause – made me enjoy those runs that much more. I especially loved my run in downtown Toronto 😀

[Mariam: I still can not believe that you ran through the streets with your phone on a gimbal to capture that footage 😛 ].

And in the end he did it: 

I raised some money while doing something I loved. I really should do this more often. Won’t you join me next year?

[Mariam: I just might 🙂 .]

How about you, dear readers? Do any running or mustache-growing for Movember? If so, share with us what you did!

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