The Soweto Spirit

Imagine being in a large dark room, on a comfortable warm chair, where the peaceful silence makes you feel like you are sitting on clouds. Your body is at ease and your mind is at peace. You are as comfortable as you can be, and with anticipation, you are waiting for magic to happen. Then in that pure and beautiful silence, a soft light can be seen on the horizon. You stare at it; it becomes brighter and brighter, more and more visible… And there they are, with their vivid outfits, beaming smiles, and a powerful presence. They are the Soweto Gospel Choir.

Ninety spectacular minutes are about to unfold.


Soweto Gospel Choir. Photo credit: Paul Williams.
Soweto Gospel Choir. Photo credit: Paul Williams.


The Soweto Gospel Choir is a South African 30-member choir that was launched in early 2000. Since their debut, they have performed in more than 100 cities globally. They have gained so much fame that they were sought at high profile festivals such as the Adelaide Festival and the Edinburgh Festival, among many others. And each of their performances got incredible reviews by spectators and organizers alike. Throughout the years, they have received awards and achievements that have continually increased their fame.

Let us go back to that dark room where magic happens. As soon as the Choir starts singing you are taken to an alternate universe. Suddenly, nothing matters but the soulful music you hear. Your worries, your concerns, your job – they all disappear. The Choir takes you to places you’ve never been before. Their voices? Flawless. Their energy? Remarkable. Their passion? Thrilling. Simply described, their performance is masterful.  Some have called it “a slice of musical heaven” (Australian Stage, Melbourne).


Soweto Gospel Choir. Photo Credit: GovernmentZA
Soweto Gospel Choir entertains delegates at the Social Cohesion Summit in 2012. Photo Credit: GovernmentZA


I [Mariam] had heard about the Soweto Gospel Choir from friends’ Facebook posts, colleagues who have been to their shows, and the internet. I spent years watching them on YouTube and other television channels. Everyone had raved about them, and I myself truly appreciated their work. But it was not until I actually saw them perform live that I realized how spectacular they were. I could not stay still; I just wanted to go and sing with them. The energy they have is contagious and their voices are out of this world.

And if that’s not enough to persuade you to check them out, what about the fact that they use a big part of their revenue to support several charities in South Africa and the world overall? Among these charities is the Nkosi’s Haven Vukani, an AIDS orphans foundation. Between the glowing reviews and their charitable spirit, it goes without saying that I [Henry] will be attending their next performance.

@ FIFA's 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert- Photo credit: William Haun
The Choir performs at the 2010 World Cup Kick-off Celebration Concert in Soweto, South Africa on June 10, 2010. Photo credit: William Haun

The Choir is currently performing in Europe, and they will be in North America this fall. Don’t miss them! They will be in Montreal on November 24th, 2018 and tickets can be found here. This tour is entitled ‘Songs of the Free: In Honour of Nelson Manuela’s 100th Birthday’. They will also perform in Vancouver (October 2018), Toronto (November 2018), and every major city in the United States (from October to December 2018). A full list of their North American tour dates can be found here. We can’t wait to hear your comments about your experience.

The Choir in 2014. Photo credit: info-graz
The Choir. Photo credit: info-graz


Sneak peek: Here are two of the Choir’s performances that we love. In the first video, you will see a performance where they covered Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and the other one is more of a traditional tune entitled Mudimo.



Note: The images in this post were not taken by henriam. Please respect the copyright of the original photographers (the photo credits are in the captions). We will replace these images as soon as we attend one of their future performances and take our own photos.

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