TGIF: Let’ go to Café Aunja


Ahhh Friday. The joy of Friday. Don’t you like to celebrate this day with something simple and cozy sometimes? Nothing crazy, just to be in a relaxed atmosphere, ready to welcome the weekend. If you do and you live in Montreal (or you plan to visit), we have the perfect place for you:

Café Aunja

Café Aunja
Café Aunja

We love everything about this place. The fact that it has a small terrace, the fact that we can enjoy Persian teas and desserts, that fact that we can meet awesome people (guests and staff included), the fact that they have live music or poetry quite often, the fact that there is beautiful of artwork on the wall… Well, you get the picture. WE LOVE THIS PLACE.

Café Aunja
Nicely designed

Now, you don’t have to take our word for it, please do give it a try if you never have. There are so many things to try (teas, cakes, meals, salads, cold drinks…) that there will  sure be something you will like. For us, we are ordering this beautiful cold drink called ‘Persian Paradise’. It’s made with with saffron syrup and basil seeds. It is refreshing and, as you can see, visually interesting.

Persian Paradise
Persian Paradise

And there is this latte drink. But not any type of latte. The type that comes with delicious frosting, pistachios bits, and Persian sweetness. We looooove how hearty and cooling it is. A perfect drink for the first day of summer (cause let’s face it Montreal, this is the first real sunny day we’ve had this year). They call it ‘The Persian Fog’.

Now, Anja is not only about refreshing drinks. You can also have hot tea to your liking (there are so many choices that you would get lost). From different flowers to different herbs; and from one variety of plant to another, you can indulge in as many warm drinks as you want… See for yourself:

tea selection
Great tea selection

Not a tea drinker? No problem! How about coffee? Or better yet, cakes? Or an actual meal maybe? Yep, they’ve got it all, but with a Persian twist. Check these out:

So what are you waiting for? It’s Friday (arguably the best day of the week). Wanna head to downtown (Sherbrooke street) and meet us there? The terrace is open!

And if you prefer being inside, you won’t be disappointed at all since the decor and design of the café is quite appealing. You will find comfortable couches, healthy plants, an old piano, a bookshelf, antique furniture, and lots of Persian artwork.

I hope we gave you a taste of Aunja a bit. We truly love it. How about you? Have you been to Aunja yet? What do you like there? Any stories/pictures you want to share? Please comment below to let us know. We’d love to hear your experience.

If you haven’t and you are thinking about it, here is their address and phone number!

Where to find Café Aunja
:Address: 1448 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H3G 1K4
Phone: (514) 914-8337

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