Tasty Pastry at C Sweet


We each have a BIG sweet tooth, so it’s always a source of joy when we discover a new pastry shop. What’s even better is when that pastry shop actually puts in the effort to make cakes and pies and pastries and other goodies with great care and thought.  This is what we found with the pastry shop C Sweet.

Readers may remember that name – it’s where we got a couple of Henry’s birthday cakes last year (yes, a couple – Henry was spoiled last year).

Those two cakes were just out of this world. They were sweet, but nowhere near oversweet. And the owner’s dedication to making pastries with fresh, natural ingredients (he tries to avoid shortening or cheap butter, for example) means that the treats all have a fresh, natural taste as well. And it’s not all in our heads; our pro chef friend tells us that good pastries are supposed to feel light even while tasting sinfully delicious. So, of course we go to this place pretty often.

Here are our thoughts on C Sweet:

Great-looking pastries that taste wonderful and don’t make you feel bloated

Here’s the thing: On its surface, the pastries look as most pastries  in Montreal do – just absolutely tempting. But that’s really where the similarities end. We were struck the first time by how light (yes, light!) they felt even while being a wonderfully indulgent treat 😀 . And that’s been true about all the pastries we’ve tried.

Not being greedy, we’ve been sharing this place with all our friends ([Henry: Alternately, we’ve just been looking for more excuses to go to C Sweet 😀 ] [Mariam: Oh boy 😛 ]. On a recent visit, this is what we had:

Waffle with house jam
Waffle with house strawberry jam
Nutella on waffle
Nutella on waffle
Black forest
Black forest cake

As with the cakes (and the other pastries we’ve had before), the waffles were nice and delicate-tasting, and the house-made toppings (i.e., the chocolate sauce and jam) were just splendid. The cappuccino was no slouch either, but then again, they do have a good espresso machine…

Espresso maker
That’s a pretty, pretty coffee machine…

The place also has a very laid-back atmosphere. It’s pretty inviting at all times, and this often leads to us staying here hours on end. Our intended quick 30 minute stays usually turn into multi-hour conversations. The fact C Sweet is super kid-friendly helps, as it lets the children of friends occupy themselves while we chat.

No joke! Although C Sweet is a small shop, they’ve actually dedicated a fair bit of the space just for kids:

An entire kids' corner
A comfortable, plush kids’ play space.

Other shops of this size would have dedicated the area to more chairs and tables for paying customers, or at least used it highlight their wares. Not here!

And it pays off. During our last visit, there were no less than three other customers with kids (and the kids were all getting along). Basically, the place has great, fresh pastries, is comfortable and relaxing, and can even give parents a small break while out with their kids.

So what are you waiting for? Check out C Sweet!

Where to find C Sweet:
Address: 4549 Wellington St, Verdun, QC H4G 1W8
Phone: (514) 416-6606

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