Dynamic dinner and show at Le Balcon

“Dinner and a show” is a plain description of a night out, but it doesn’t have to be a plain experience at all. That was definitely our experience at Le Balcon, a dinner-theatre that’s right downtown 🙂 . It’s deep inside a pretty big church on Ste. Catherine Street, two blocks away from the Bay….

MTL Streets (Part 1: Wellington)

For those of you who live in Montreal you know that every neighbourhood has its fun busy street full of great cafés, unique stores, or delicious dining areas. St Henri has its Rue Notre Dame Ouest; Downtown has its Rue Ste. Catherine; Mile End has its Avenue du Parc; Old Montreal has its Rue St….

Come On Down to Comon!

Last post we shared our little hidden gem of Yelapa in Mexico. Today, we’ll be talking about a great little hidden much closer to home: Comon Korean Cuisine! For years, our go-to place for Korean food was Jumak. As much as we love that place (and we still do), it always took a small drive…

Hidden Gem of Mexico: Yelapa

It’s almost spring break and a lot of Canadians and Americans are thinking: MEXIIIICOOO. But when people think of a travels to Mexico, they often consider Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Acapulco, or Mexico City, as great places to visit. But …. Have you ever considered going to a smaller/less touristy place? We have, and it’s…