Confortable for Comfort Food

We love discovering new places. We’re especially tickled when we make discoveries just right under our noses 🙂 . This was the case for Confortable, a resto-bar literally a block away from our home.

We found this place when we took one of our usual walks one winter evening. It was one of a spate of new places that had popped up in neighbourhood recently. From the outside, it looked warm and inviting ([Mariam: Just what we needed!]), and we were hungry ([Henry: Well, I was, at least 😛 ]). So, in we went!

Our initial impression was reinforced. The place was homey and cozy – there were nearly-rustic tables and chairs and benches all over the place, and the staff were unfailingly warm and eager to please. That’s atmosphere – what about the food?

Well, that was a pretty good experience too 🙂 .

Given the cold weather of the evening, we opted for heartier fare (although, to be honest, most things on the menu here are happily hearty). We ordered fish tacos, and fried chicken on house waffles. These were goooooood.

Fried chicken on house wafflesFish tacos

[Henry:] The fried chicken ticked off quite a few boxes for what I like to find in fried chicken. The meat was moist and tender, and the batter had light seasoning with it that neatly complemented the chicken itself. When I put a chunk of chicken together with a chunk of waffle in a single mouthful, the whole thing was wonderfully rich (short version: Me likey! ).

[Mariam:] The fish tacos came in soft shells that were warm to the touch, and the breaded fish itself was soft or crunchy in all the right places. The tartar sauce tasted house-made, and every bite was delightfully chewy. All told, it was a great main course. And then there was dessert…

20180513_000431~2.jpg [Henry:] It was house donuts with bacon-sugar glaze!

[Mariam:] Ugh…

So, clearly, we weren’t in agreement for this dessert. For Henry, this was an excellent way to cap an already-rich meal [Go big or go home, I always say!], whereas for Mariam, this was just. OK. [it was just a donut… Nothing special].

Dessert disagreement notwithstanding, Confortable left us with a good impression, enough so that we’ve been back a number of times.

We’ve been there for  brunch (where, amazingly, there’s no lineup to get in!).

Dejeuner de bucheron
Dejeuner de bucheron: Eggs, grilled pork, and home potatoes
Huevos rancheros
Huevos rancheros

And we’ve been back for supper and near-late-night snacks as well. In fact, during one such later-evening trip, we discovered the way to finally get Henry to eat cauliflower not just willingly, but excitedly: Breaded, fried, and drizzled with a maple sauce! [Henry: Too bad I still have to count it as a “sometimes” food…]

Deep fried battered cauliflower
The tasty kind of cauliflower

In fact, one of the overall conclusions we have about Confortable is that its comfort food is always great. Pubs always have fried or battered food, or fried, battered food, but they usually don’t have much in the way of flavour. It’s just frying and breaded stuff that coasts on our cravings for deep-fried food. Confortable, on the other hand, seems to have put some serious thought and work into making their pub grub a solid, solid cut above the rest. Whether that takes the form of a slightly different sauce or genuinely distinct spices for the batter, it always comes out memorably. And did we mention that prices are pretty reasonable? Extra score! And did we mention that the staff is absolutely amazing? Double Extra Score!

And that’s why Confortable is one of go-to haunts when we want a good, hearty meal day or night. It’s one of our hidden gems, and we’d love for it to become one of yours too! [Disclaimer: We are NOT being paid to say this!]


Where to find Confortable
Address: 3725 Wellington St, Verdun, QC H4G 1V1
Phone: (514) 765-9498

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