About us

Welcome to our blog! My name is Henry, and I’m Mariam. We live in the adorable city of Montreal where the old and new meet charmingly. We both love food (I mean, who doesn’t?), traveling, discovering new places, and trying new things. And that’s how we arrived at the title of our blog: From Point A 2 Point B.

I am Ethiopian-Senegalese-Canadian and I am Chinese-Canadian. And we bring our totally opposite upbringing and experiences together in one big pot. Yep! I am in the sciences, and I am in the humanities; I am an avid meat-eater, but I am pesco-vegetarian; I love going to the gym, I hate the gym (game oriented sports are so much more fun!); I am a product marketer for a tech firm, I am a college professor; I love robots and superheroes, and I think that’s ridiculous. I read fiction by choice, I read fiction at gun point; I love coffee, I love tea; I enjoy drinking scotch and beer, I think they taste like medicine. I have lived in the same city my whole life, and I can’t keep track on the many cities I lived in; I am quite messy, but I need the house to look like a real-estate magazine. I am the anthesis of rhythm and music. I play three music instruments and dance every chance I get. Yet, somehow, we manage to bring all of these differences together in a lovely mess. 

Something we definitely have in common is the drive to share our experiences with others. This is what led to the making of this blog. I have visited 120 cities in 20 countries across 4 continents. And I have cooked and eaten over 1000 different dishes (this is just over the past 365 days) and ventured into as many different restaurants as I could in any town I’ve visited. I’m sure you can see which one of us is more of a traveler and which one is more of a foodie. What is interesting is that since we’ve been together, we have both developed a strong interest in the other’s passion. Yep! I now adore tasting food around the city, and I enjoy traveling and getting out of my comfort zone.

We hope that reading this blog will make you want to join us as we discover the world (and all the food it has to offer), and we hope we will learn from your experiences as well. We are open to any suggestions of food/restaurants you would want us to try as well as trips you would want us to take (budget permits), and we will happily review them for you.


Henry and Mariam (aka: henriam)


Jasper, Alberta, Canada