As you may have guessed by now, we both love food [Henry a bit more than Mariam of course] and one of our hobbies is to discover new cuisine. So, in this section of our blog, you will find our comments and reviews about the different restaurants, bars, cafés we have been to (but also from our own kitchen or any place food can be found).

All pictures you will see in this section have been taken by ourselves so they are copyrighted. Therefore, we ask that you please ask permission before using them, or at the very least link the picture you use to the original post.

It’s important to mention that we are not hired by any of the places we review or get any form of compensation by the owners of the places we visit. We honestly just love food so much that when it’s good, we like to tell everyone about it. In fact, when it’s not good, we don’t even bother talking about it (or writing a blogpost). We much rather focus on the cooking that makes our mouths water and our bellies happy.

Here are all the posts you will find related to food in this blog (the most recent posts appear on the top):

— henriam