Welcome back!

So, you may have noticed that we’ve been a little absent again. Just as events in our lives started calming down and we made a commitment to blogging regularly again, this wee little thing called COVID-19 came around…

And it’s been a sweepingly strange time ever since. Like pretty much most of the planet, we had to very quickly adjust to a new reality. Travel, trying out new restaurants, and just plain discovering things – all things that we had to stop. Abruptly. Completely.


But, months in, we’ve settled into the new normal. We’re still confining ourselves, we’re masked up, and we’re doing our best to social distance. There’s just too many vulnerable people around us that we have to worry about.

We’re pretty much starting from Point A, and staying there. Until it’s safe to come out. Point B will have to wait.

The next few posts are going to be about what we’ve been doing to adapt and cope. You can expect pandemic recipes, home office transformation journals, and anything else that struck us as noteworthy. Join us! Let’s all share what we’ve done to try to make the new normal, well, normal.

In the meantime, here’s a small collection of images from a less complicated era…

Chilling in Ste Anne de Lac
Visiting the lighthouses in Portland
Teatro Principal – night time in Valencia
A walk in the Old Port of Montreal
Getting fancy donuts in Portland, Maine
Panoramic shot inside train station somewhere in Europe

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