Parks are your Friends

Since the beginning of the pandemic it has been hard to figure out what to do and where to go. Especially since we have a baby and his elderly grandma with us. But as soon as it got a bit warm, picnics became our favourite thing to do.

Here is what to do in 5 short steps.

1. find an empty park (hard to do since everyone else wants the same. Our recommendation, leave the city, go to the suburbs or any area that doesn’t have public transit access)

2. Get your grill (if you plan to BBQ), your picnic basket, and your cooler

3. Get everything you need to stay safe (hand sanitizer, mask, covers, and two big mats or drapes to sit/sleep on)

4. Don’t forget you’ll accumulate garbage so have a couple of garbage bags, paper towels, and cleaning wipes.

5. Enjoy your freedom!

What about you?

What’s your favourite activity since the pandemic hit?

How do you stay safe while still enjoying your days?

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